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October 30 - November 04 2014
Japan / Tokyo

This year’s 27th edition of the Japan International Machine Tool Fair (JIMTOF) will be held at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center (Tokyo Big Sight) from 30th October – 4th November. With a host of co-operating machine tool organizers from Japan and over 80,000m2 of exhibition space this event is sure to become one of Asia’s largest machine tool shows.

Exhibitors are primarily related to machine tool building, the construction industry, measuring equipment and specialized support and services. With the success of JIMTOF, manufacturers and visitors from all over the world come to view this event. At the last event there were over 800 companies exhibiting at 5,000 booths and a total number of visitors of over 120,000.

In addition to the large number of exhibits, JIMTOF always hosts a number of lectures and seminars to introduce the next generation of technologies and innovations for a wide range of industries. There will also be displays showcasing the latest Japanese robotics, metalworking and metal processing equipment.

Machine tool trade shows are becoming increasingly more popular in the Asian markets and with over 26 editions of experience, JIMTOF knows how to host a great show. Furthermore this show is best known for their special exhibitions showcasing collaborations between Japanese manufacturers are world renowned projects. Here you can really see how Japan has dominated industrial manufacturing in Asia for many years.

As Japan continues to be the most innovative and high precision manufacturer of machine tools and other related equipment in Asia, this event only attracts the leading firms. If you are looking to enlarge your presence or looking for a place to source the most advanced machine tools, JIMTOF 2014 will be a great place to start.

    • With great success in the European markets, F. Zimmerman will now launch their latest range of 6-axis portal milling machines at JIMTOF 2014. These machines offer exceptional stability under high machining loads as well as incredible functionality. Furthermore with easy access from all sides it is easy to load large and irregular workpieces ready for machining.

      As JIMTOF 2014 is set to house some of the industries brightest manufacturers this event will be a great platform to learn about one of the few manufacturers that produces these large 6-axis portal milling machines. As F. Zimmerman continues to push the boundaries of machine design, be sure you do not miss their booth at this fantastic exhibition.

    • In a joint venture with TOYO Tanso, Makino will host a complete booth with some of the industry leading EDM electrodes at JIMTOF 2014. Makino is one of the world’s most renowned manufacturers of machining centers and EDM drilling machines and they have now started working closely with other manufacturers to develop industry leading solutions.

      JIMTOF 2014 will be one of the platforms to meet some of Asia’s leading machine tool manufacturers and with Japan’s innovative technology they attract industry experts from all over the world. To stay apprised of all of the latest EDM wire cutting and EDM electrode technologies be sure to drop by Makino’s booth at this inspiring event.

    • With the development of highly innovative hybrid machining technologies and the latest CNC systems, Mazak will be showcasing a wide range of new developments at JIMTOF 2014. In total they will showcase 21 highly advanced machine tools in action which includes 7 models that will feature their new high-performance Mazatrol SmoothX CNC system which is to be the 7th generation of Mazak control.

      Besides high-performance hybrid machine tools there is also a growing interest in laser processing machines. These machines are used for a variety of operations and can perform at very high speeds. Furthermore at JIMTOF they will release the new 2D tube gear system which is designed for efficient and rapid pipe and tube laser cutting operations. When looking for a high precision machine tool that incorporates all latest technologies Mazak is sure to have what you are looking for.