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November 18-21 ,2014
Switzerland / Basel

PRODEX 2014 is the International Exhibition for Machine Tools, Accessories and Finishing Machinery and will be hosted in Basel, Switzerland from 18th-21st November 2014. Hosted in the MCH Halls Basel, this event will cater for a large selection of machine tool manufacturers operating in the Swiss and German marketplace. With a fast growing turnout year on year, this 7th edition of the PRODEX held in Basel is set to be the largest ever.

With a strong focus on innovative products, PRODEX 2014 will put special emphasis on all the latest developments in a range of different industries. Whether it be the metalworking industry, pressing industry, molding industry or recycling industry, companies will all showcase their latest products there.

Purchasing an entrance ticket will also allow you unlimited access to SWISSTECH, the International Trade Fair for Materials, Components and System Assembly which is being held at the same time. So for a comprehensive look at raw materials sourcing and the latest metalworking and metal forming innovations in Europe this year, choose to attend PRODEX and SWISSTECH 2014.

With strong support from a large number of European machine tool associations, such as Swissmem and TecnoSwiss this is sure to be a success. These two organizations represent more than 1000 Swiss and European member companies that are heavily involved with trade in the European continent and continue to lead product developments for a wide range of industries.

Furthermore as they focus on developments within the EU trade zone, international buyers can discover the latest policies and procedures governing trade within and to outside the EU. To gather all the latest information about highly productive and innovative manufacturers in Central Europe, this trade show is surely a must visit.