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Tehran International Industrial Exhibition(TIIE)

October 06-09 2014
Iran / Tehran

With a growing global presence and an increasing number of foreign investments, Tehran is becoming a centre for large industry trade in a number of industries. This year’s TIIE (Tehran International Industry Exhibition) will be the 14th edition of this successful event and will take place at the Tehran Permanent Fair Ground from 5-8th October 2014.

The last edition of the TIIE was a huge success with 450 Iranian exhibitors as well as 265 international companies from 26 countries showcasing their products. Well represented industries include manufacturers specialized in the production of a wide range of machine tools, production line machinery, and workshop equipment. As this event is Iran’s foremost industry exhibition, many other industries are also on display here.

This means that besides machinery and technology companies present, there is also a range of other products on display including:

  • Agricultural products
  • Food processing machinery
  • Construction equipment
  • Electrical equipment

With steady growth in recent years this year’s TIIE will host a wide selection of different companies ready to improve their business prospects in the Middles Eastern and Central Asian markets. This trade fair concentrates on both developing business for domestic manufacturers and foreign manufacturers in an attempt to expand business opportunities in the machine tool sector. At this year’s TIIE, numerous trade representatives will be present to help to foster business deals between domestic and foreign firms.

Furthermore at this edition of TIIE, there will be a large number of seminars and related conferences, sharing information about the latest machinery related news. So for a closer look at machine tools and the manufacturing industry in Iran and the Middle East visit this year’s TIIE.