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EMO Milano

October 05-10 ,2015
Italy / Milano

Leading Taiwan Machine Tool Manufacturers at EMO 2015

The world’s largest machine tool exhibition EMO MILANO 2015 will once again host many of Taiwan’s top machine tool manufacturers. Taiwan is one of the largest machine tool producers worldwide and thanks to rapidly advancing innovations in the fields of machine tools, castings, precision tools, and automation equipment their global market share has continued to grow. Around 200 of Taiwan’s top manufacturers are expected to attend this event which is set to showcase some of the leading technologies in the industry. Big names like Chevalier, Hartford, YCM, and Accuway will all be attending this event.

As the global demand of machine tools is forecast to steadily grow amid a global slowdown it is important for manufacturing companies to realize economies of scale and production efficiency. The reliability and performance of Taiwanese-made machines and components has made them a trusted business partner of companies across the world. Therefore for any company looking to source any high-quality machine tools that meet the highest international standards, Taiwanese-built products are the way to go and you can learn all about these at EMO 2015.

With some of Taiwan’s largest manufacturers attending EMO MILANO 2015 this event is set to showcase the pinnacle of global machine tools. The following products are areas within which Taiwan has particularly excelled in:

  • CNC Lathes, Turning Centers & Machining Centers
  • Hydraulic Presses & Metalworking Machinery
  • High Precision Spindles
  • Rotary Tables and Linear Guides
  • Precision Tooling and Specialized Machine Tool Components

Other leading Taiwanese companies exhibiting at this exhibition are HOSEA, PO LY GIM, and CC Machinery who all have a wide range of new and innovative products. At EMO MILANO 2015 you can hear directly from manufacturers and industry experts who know all about the dynamic changes of the global industry and what kind of future trends you can expect. Do not miss this event for your chance to learn all about Taiwan’s machine tool industry and its leading manufacturers.

    • At this year’s EMO MILANO 2015, YCM will be displaying a wide range of technologies and machining centers that are at the forefront of the machine tool industry. Known for high-quality and high productivity machinery, YCM has grown into one of Taiwan’s leading producers of machining centers.

      One particularly impressive machine they will be displaying at EMO MILANO 2015 is their DCV2018A-5AX Double Column Machining Center. This is a high accuracy 5-axis double column vertical machining center. It features a redesigned crossbeam for increased stability and better force dissipation, as well as a fully-supported X-axis so there are no deflection issues even with heavy workpieces.

      The compact size of this machining center makes it highly efficient and space saving for the machining of large parts. The high speed 70kW 80,000rpm spindle is combined with a super rigid structure making it ideal for the machining of complex aerospace components

      To watch the DCV2018A-5AX in action or to learn more about the other machines from YCM, visit their booth at: Hall 9 Stand No. D24 E21

    • One of Taiwan’s leading manufacturers of high precision machine tool components is Autogrip and they will be attending this year’s EMO MILANO 2015. Through continued efforts they hope to showcase to the European market their high-quality power chucks, rotary cylinders, extra large chucks, and rotary valves. Their expert team will be on-hand to answer any questions that you may have.

      Their latest range of power chucks are available in a range of different types including, thru-hole, non-thru-hole, stationary, and extra long jaw stroke types. Furthermore their collet chucks all have a very high clamping accuracy, high speed, and have a very rigid construction.

      One product in particular that has gained exceptional recognition from Autogrip’s customers is their precision rotary cylinders. These hydraulic cylinders can be used with a wide range of CNC machinery for extreme precision machining of your workpieces. For any manufacturer looking for high accuracy and durable precision machine tool components do not forget to drop by Autogrip at EMO MILANO 2015.


      You can view Autogrip’s products in action at EMO MILANO 2015 at: Hall 4, Booth No. A48

    • Chia Lern specializes in the production of Precision Tungsten Steel Bar Stock Cut-off Machines. This company will be attending the largest machine tool exhibition of the year EMO MILANO 2015 and you will be able to learn all about their machinery at their booth.

      The machinery from Chia Lern are known to provide exceptional speed and precision and they will be showcasing the following machines at this event: CH-CM0301, CH-CM0301MA, CH-CM01-M2, and the CH-CM0206. Company President Mr. Lin Jin-Huang adds that he has an extensive marketing and service network, and is capable of quick and responsive action to serve customer demands.

      Chia Lern strives to be the sole solution provider in the Precision Tungsten Steel Bar Stock Cut-off market. With mutual confidence between the company and its clients at its core, Chia Lern foresees a future of prosperity on all fronts and will prove this at EMO MILANO 2015.


      Do not miss your chance to learn all about Chia Lern and their fantastic range of machinery, simply visit their booth at: Hall 14, Booth No. P25

    • Accuway Machinery Corporation is a well-established producer of accurate vertical machining centers and CNC lathes for various industries and aims to expand their customer base in Europe by attending EMO MILANO 2015. The company was founded in 1986 and was initially started to build molding tools and trimming/forming machines for LED applications, transistors, and DRAM for the semi-conductor industry in Taiwan.

      Following this success, Accuway has accumulated great precision machining technologies and experience and has now moved towards becoming an OEM supplier of CNC lathes to local machine tooling companies. With excellent facilities and very knowledgeable staff Accuway hopes to work closely with European manufacturers to deliver outstanding machinery capable of very accurate and efficient machining.

      At EMO MILANO 2015, Accuway will be showcasing their UT-300SY Multi-Tasking Turning Center which is well-equipped with 4 levels of multitasking and the 45° slant bed design is ideal for turning large workpieces. At the show they will also be displaying the UM-110 Vertical Machining Center which offers highly efficient 5-axis machining.

      Learn all about Accuway and their impressive range of products at EMO MILANO 2015. Visit their booth at: Hall 5 Stand No. C06

    • Chiah Chyun Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the most professional manufacturers of CNC Lathes, Auto Lathes and Bench Lathes in Taiwan and will this year have a large booth at EMO MILANO 2015. They are the first company in Taiwan to have been ISO 9002 certified for their Automatic Lathes and have also received CE quality certification.

      With a large global presence CC Machinery’s international quality and technical capabilities have been recognized by both domestic and overseas customers. At EMO MILANO 2015 they will be displaying their latest and most innovative machine tools with experts on hand ready to answer any questions you may have.

      At their booth they will be displaying the CT2-65YM, CY2-52MB, and the newest machine in their lineup the WTS-52Y2M. Their latest machine the WTS-52Y2M has a massive turning diameter of 190mm and a maximum turning length of 500mm making it perfect for the machining of large workpieces.

      To watch Chiah Chyun’s latest machines in action, drop by their booth at EMO MILANO 2015. Booth Location: Hall 9 Stand No. A32

    • At this year’s largest International Machine Tool Exhibition EMO MILANO 2015, Chevalier also known as Falcon Machine Tools Co., Ltd. will once again be attending. This company has enjoyed massive success and is best known for their high precision grinding machines, milling machines, and CNC lathes.

      At EMO MILANO 2015 one of their main exhibits will be their impressive Multi-Function CNC Form and Profile Grinder the SMART-B818III. This machine offers maximum high-precision grinding thanks to the T-shaped single-piece cast iron base and no overhang table design. The user-friendly built-in graphic interface ensures ease of operation and simple programming for a wide range of functions.

      Another impressive machine Chevalier will be showcasing at EMO MILANO 2015 is the QP5X-400 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center. This machine is a cost effective 4+1 axis machining center that meets the demands of high precision multi-purpose machining. It is ideal for the machining of aerospace, automotive, tooling, and mold and die components. The small footprint of this machine means that it can be easily shipped inside a 40’ HQ container.

      To learn all about Chevalier and their range of machinery, visit their booth at EMO MILANO 2015: Hall 1, Stand No. F23

    • Hartford is one of Taiwan’s leading machining center producers and will once again be attending EMO MILANO 2015. One key selling point of their latest machining centers is the addition of their Hartrol Plus, productivity enhancing control system. Hartrol creates standard programs for a wide range of common cutting operations and allows for easy programming without the need for complex NC code programming.

      At this year’s EMO MILANO 2015 their impressive booth will also be displaying some of Hartford’s latest machinery. This includes the TGV-128 High Speed Machining Center, 5A-650F(4+1axis) Vertical Machining Center, HCMC-1000 Heavy Cutting Machining Center, HSA-423EAY High Speed High Accuracy Machining Center, and the HMC-8 Horizontal Machining Center.

      In particular the Hartford TGV-128 High Speed Machining Center is known for its highly efficient machining and productivity enhancing features. Also their impressive 5A-650F 5-Axis Machining Center features an innovative gantry type structure with swivel type rotary table (B-axis & C-axis). This machine also features a modular spindle, 30m/min rapid traverse, and offers an optional i-Tech 24,000rpm built-in type spindle.

      Watch these machines in action and learn all about Hartrol Plus at Hartford’s booth at EMO MILANO 2015. Booth Number: Hall 9, Stand No. A38 B33

    • The largest supplier of 5 Axis Rotary Tables in Taiwan, HOSEA will be attending this year’s EMO MILANO 2015. This company has a large client base in Europe and as such will be promoting their latest range of rotary tables at this, the world’s largest machine tool exhibition.

      Best known for their precision 5 Axis Rotary Tables, HOSEA will be presenting the following products: TRNC-255-2W, MRNC-255/320/400, VRNC-125B-2W, VRNC-170/210. All of their products are produced using the highest quality equipment and processes, including imported Swiss Machining Centers and Japanese Grinding Systems.

      Two of their most innovative products which you will be able to see at EMO MILANO 2015 will be the TRNC-255-2W and VRNC-125B-2W. The TRNC-255-2W combines complex 5 Axis machining with multiple rotary tables. The two tables are counter rotating which makes them perfect for simultaneous machining of left/right components for the automotive industry. The VRNC-125B-2W also has two tables which reduces production cycle times and increases productivity.

      To learn all about HOSEA and their products visit their booth at: Hall 9, Stand No. D45

    • The largest machine tool exhibition this year will be the EMO MILANO 2015 in Milan Italy and will be held between 5-10 October. POLYGIM is one of Taiwan’s most experienced manufacturers of Swiss Type CNC Auto Lathes and offers a variety of different types of machines. All of their machines are precision manufactured and are constructed using very high-quality imported components.

      The Diamond CSBII and CSBIII Series machines are the latest generation of Swiss Type CNC Auto Lathes. They feature a cross travel sub-spindle with both fixed and driven toolholder sets which allows for a wide range of versatile machining options.

      At EMO MILANO 2015 you will be able to see these machines in action as well as many of the other impressive machine tools produced by this company. With almost 50 years of manufacturing experience POLYGIM has become a successful business partner with some of Europe’s largest manufacturing companies.

      Watch POLYGIM’s CNC Auto Lathes in action at their EMO MILANO 2015 booth: Hall 7 Stand No. F07

    • The EMO Milano 2015 machine tool exhibition will host the world’s largest and most innovative machine tool companies. At this year’s event MAXIMART will also have a booth to display their latest products and innovations. MAXIMART is one of Taiwan’s most successful manufacturers of vertical machining centers, but they also produce EDM machines, drilling milling centers, and milling machines.

      One of their most popular designs are their Rapido Series high precision vertical machining centers. These machines feature a wide range of applications that both excel at heavy machining but also fine finishing. The massive and rigid structure optimizes machining stability, ensuring dynamic stability and exceptional performance.

      EMO MILANO 2015 is the perfect opportunity to learn about this company and the fantastic range of machine tools they offer. As all of their machines are assembled in an air-conditioned working environment, the machines are never affected by environmental temperature variation. Furthermore all mating surfaces of their machines are hand scraped for absolute smooth movement and machining accuracy.

      Watch these machines in action and learn all about Hartrol Plus at Hartford’s booth at EMO MILANO 2015. Booth Number: Hall 9, Stand No. A38 B33

    • At this years EMO Milano machine tools exhibition, Haas Automation will be displaying a range of there latest machine tool offerings as well as displaying their F1 competition car.

      The machines on display will include the Haas UMC-750SS Super Speed 5 Axis Machining Center. This version of the machining center is a BT40 version with a 15,000 rpm spindle (Direct Drive). Customers visiting EMO Milano 2015 will be able to see this machine in action as well as find out about the machine design and special features.

    • Okuma has been a global leader in 5 Axis machines for many years and at this years EMO Milano 2015 Machine Tools Exhibition, the company will be showing off several of their newest product offerings.

      One of the most popular new products to debut at the show will\ be the new MU-800V 5 Axis machining center. The key features that set this machine apart from its rivals are the expanded working area to increase workpiece cutting versatility, and also the high traverse speeds which are vital to machining efficiency, especially when cutting larger aerospace components.

      There will be many demonstrations of this machine and others at the EMO Milano 2015 Machine Tools Exhibition this year.

    • Mitsubishi Electric will be exhibiting at EMO Hannover 201315, the world's largest machine tool tradeshow in terms of scale and scope where the worlds distinguished machine tool builders get together. Products Exhibited at EMO will include Mitsubishi CNC 700V Series, 70V Series C70 Series, FA components, EDMs and Laser processing machines. EMO attracts 1000’s of potential buyers of equipment in high end machinery. The whole world envies such wonderful products from the masters of controllers at EMO.

    • FANUC is presenting solutions to clients in three business fields at the EMO trade show. FANUC will demonstrate at EMO in Hannover the practical advantages of its current control, robot and machine technology. Robodrill machines at its stand at EMO will be the machining different work pieces with different degrees of complexity. One of the high-end applications is the 5-axis machining of a turbine blade consisting of three different materials (Inconel, titanium, stainless steel). Samples at the show will obviously be spectacular for your viewing pleasure.

    • Mitsubishi Electric Corporation will exhibit at EMO Hannover 2011, the world's largest and most significant machine tool tradeshow in terms of scale and scope where the worlds top machine tool builders shine. With "Green Productivity" as the aim at EMO, we will be showcasing energy-saving solutions based on our CNCs, automation products, EDMs and laser machines, which are definitely worth looking forward to. Products Exhibited at EMO will be Mitsubishi CNC 70V Series, 700V Series, C70 Series.

    • The Fanuc Group will also showcase at EMO a variety of automation concepts displaying integration of intelligent robots with machine tools. This will include new functions for CNCs and drives, as well as energy-saving tools and service and support products all at EMO. Also at EMO Fanuc will present features of its Series 30i/31i/32i CNCs to provide higher productivity. Emo attracts Fanuc lovers to converge at the show to take photos of the lovely machines. With these good photos one can only imagine what the superfluous effects will be.

    • The Fanuc Group will also showcase at EMO a variety of automation concepts displaying integration of intelligent robots with machine tools. This will include new functions for CNCs and drives, as well as energy-saving tools and service and support products all at EMO. Also at EMO Fanuc will present features of its Series 30i/31i/32i CNCs to provide higher productivity. Emo attracts Fanuc lovers to converge at the show to take photos of the lovely machines. With these good photos one can only imagine what the superfluous effects will be.

    • For decades, the EMO show has been the most critical trade fair for the machine tool industry. The high demand for investment in machines is clearly noticeable at EMO. As in the past, visitors can experience a complete range of grinding machines. With show space of 1,000 square meters, 22 exhibits of cylindrical grinding, flat grinding, and profile grinding, as well as tool grinding, were all shown . For the SCHLEIFRING group, this was the most successful EMO experienced and will certainly bring some orders which will pay for the hard work.

    • Hurco will show its completely redone CNC machine line at EMO 2015 in Hannover, Germany. Machines to be showcased will be a 3-axis mill, a 5-axis mill, a high speed mill, and the mill turn multitasking lathe with sub-spindle. All machines include Hurco’s patented motion control system that greatly shapes the surface finish quality and at the same time reduces cycle time by nearly 30 percent. All demos will show the immense benefits of the Hurco technology that provides Hurco clients more productive and more profitable.

    • Hurco showcase at the 2015 EMO Exhibition, held in Milan, Italy, drew almost double the number of visitors compared to the previous EMO exhibition, according to their registration information. According to the Managing Director of Hurco Italy and Spain the increase in visitors was mainly due to the huge number of new machines, over 14, introduced since the last show. During the six day show the number of potential buyers was impressive and this only stresses the fact the exhibition is still a draw for the machine tool industry.

    • Doosan Infracore is showing in the EMO fair. This is one of the largest machine tools fair in Europe and considered to be one of the most important for the industry.
      Eight new products will be showed along with 23 machines which will include turning centers, machining centers, horizontal boring mill, and 2 Swiss type turning center. Applications to improve automation, performance and overall user experience and will be introduced for cycle time improvements.. These models come standard with controllers from either Siemens, Heidenhain and or Fanuc.

    • Sandvik has an app for those who cannot attend the Emo show and can still participate and learn about the new offerings from the company. Through a virtual show that is given online, visitors can still take part in the informative live demo.
      Participants can also take part in a live chat session with experts on Sandvik products and business as well as learning about other emo unveiled tech from the show. Other downloadable material such as whitepapers are also provided. The excellent show with unbelievable special effects will be a smashing success.