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May 18-23 2015
Brazil / Sao Paulo

The coming International Machine Tools and Integrated Manufacturing Systems Trade Fair (FEIMAFE) will be hosted in Sao Paolo, Brazil at the Anhembi Exhibition Pavilion from 18-23 May 2015. As one of the top machine tool trade shows, this event brings together the very best and brightest machine tool manufacturers of South America.

Known for its ability to generate business deals and share information, this edition of FEIMAFE is expected to attract over more than 1,300 exhibitors and over 70,000 visitors across the 6-day event. With leading manufacturers showcasing all of the latest innovations this event is not to be missed.

At the last event it was very internationally-oriented with more than 700 international companies present from all over the world. Brazil is one of the fastest growing industrial markets in the world and this is the perfect opportunity for international businesses and customers to profit from this growth.

This event is set to showcase some of the world’s leading machine tool manufacturers and the most innovative products. Furthermore with expert industrialists on hand to share information and give visitors the chance to learn about new technologies and compare products and services, FEIMAFE will thrill a wide number of visitors.

Another great reason to attend this event is the opportunity to generate great business relationships with professionals representing some of the top brands across South and Central America. With fast-growing markets in the region and a growing interest from some of the largest companies in the world, Brazil is set to host this fantastic event.

    • Exhibiting at Feimafe will be Mitsubishi Electric one of the world's largest machine tool controllers supplier in terms of scale and scope. Feimafe is where the worlds distinguished machine tool builders get together. Products Exhibited at Feimafe will include Mitsubishi CNC 700V Series, 70V Series C70 Series, FA components, EDMs and Laser processing machines. Feimafe attracts 1000’s of potential buyers of equipment in high end machinery. The whole world envies such wonderful products from the masters of controllers at Feimafe.

    • FANUC is presenting cutting edge solutions to customers in a few business fields at the Feimafe trade show. FANUC will show the practical advantages of its new line of control, robot and machine technology. Robodrill machines at its stand at Feimafe will be machining different work pieces in different degrees of complexity. For high-end applications is the 5-axis machining of a turbine blade consisting of three different materials (Inconel, titanium, stainless steel).

    • Mitsubishi Electric Corporation will exhibit at Feimafe, central america’s largest and most significant machine tool tradeshow in terms of scale and scope where the top machine tool builders shine. With "Green Productivity" as the aim at Feimafe, we will be showcasing energy-saving solutions based on our CNCs, automation products, EDMs and laser machines, which are definitely worth looking forward to. Products Exhibited at Feimafe will be Mitsubishi CNC 70V Series, 700V Series, C70 Series.

    • The Fanuc Group will also showcase at Feimafe a variety of automation concepts displaying integration of intelligent robots with machine tools. This will include new functions for CNCs and drives, as well as energy-saving tools and service and support products all at Feimafe. Also at Feimafe Fanuc will present features of its Series 30i/31i/32i CNCs to provide higher productivity. The show attracts Fanuc lovers to converge at the show to take photos of the lovely machines. Robots in motion is what it’s all about in this showcase.

    • Also at Feimafe is Carl Zeiss and when it comes to the risks involved in entering a new market, one can only examine the competition in relation to their own competencies. If it is determined that the strengths of the products can match the market then the correct decisions can be made. At the Feimafe show Zeiss demonstrates close-at-hand customer-responsiveness in the shape of metrological and competence centers in Central America. Feel free to buy a machine to try out and you’re sure to be delighted.

    • For decades, the Feimafe show has been the most critical trade fair for the machine tool industry in Central America. The high demand for investment in machines is clearly noticeable at Feimafe. As in the past, visitors can experience a complete range of grinding machines. With show space of many square meters, showing exhibits of cylindrical grinding, flat grinding, and profile grinding, as well as tool grinding, were all shown . For the SCHLEIFRING group, this was the most successful Feimafe experienced and will certainly bring some orders which will pay for the hard work.

    • Hurco will show its completely redone CNC machine line at Feimafe. Machines to be showcased will be a 3-axis mill, a 5-axis mill, a high speed mill, and the mill turn multitasking lathe with sub-spindle. All machines include Hurco’s patented motion control system that greatly shapes the surface finish quality and at the same time reduces cycle time by nearly 30 percent. All demos will show the immense benefits of the Hurco technology that provides Hurco clients more productive and more profitable.

    • Hurco showcase at the Feimafe Exhibition, and drew almost double the number of visitors compared to the previous Feimafe exhibition, according to their registration information. According to the Managing Director of Hurco Italy and Spain the increase in visitors was mainly due to the huge number of new machines, over 14, introduced since the last show. During the six day show the number of potential buyers was impressive and this only stresses the fact the exhibition is still a draw for the machine tool industry.

    • Doosan Infracore is showing in the Feimafe show. This is one of the largest machine tools fair in Europe and considered to be one of the most important for the industry.
      Eight new products will be showed along with 23 machines which will include turning centers, machining centers, horizontal boring mill, and 2 Swiss type turning center. Applications to improve automation, performance and overall user experience and will be introduced for cycle time improvements.. These models come standard with controllers from either Siemens, Heidenhain and or Fanuc.

    • Sandvik has an app for those who cannot attend the Feimafe show and can still participate and learn about the new offerings from the company. Through a virtual show that is given online, visitors can still take part in the informative live demo. Participants can also take part in a live chat session with experts on Sandvik products and business as well as learning about other emo unveiled tech from the show. Other downloadable material such as whitepapers are also provided. This cutting edge company will surely knock your socks off with their technology.

    • Emag is participating in Feimafe Brasil to demonstrate the complete range of multifunctional, machining solutions for shaft-type and chucked part June 3-8, 2013. Come and view firsthand the strength and efficiency of their innovative solutions at Feimafe Brasil. Emag can provide all the solutions at the fair focused on Machine Tools and in Latin America. The event brings leading companies from the industry and provides a superb environment for business to bud and develop long standing partnerships lasting for an eternity.

    • FANUC is presenting solutions to clients in three business fields at the Feimafe trade show. FANUC will demonstrate at Feimafe the practical advantages of its current control, robot and machine technology. Robodrill machines at its stand will be the machining different work pieces with different degrees of complexity. One of the high-end applications is the 5-axis machining of a turbine blade consisting of three different materials (Inconel, titanium, stainless steel). All machining will certainly be in a safe working environment so please don’t worry.