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IMTEX / Tooltech

January 22-28 2015
India / Bangalore

The 17th edition of the Indian Metal-cutting Machine Tool Exhibition will take place from 22-28th January. Hosted in the heart of India’s manufacturing industry Bangalore this event is set to bring together India’s leading manufacturers when it comes to machine tools and other metalworking products. With a growing international presence, every year there are more and more international visitors and exhibitors using this trade show as a platform to expand business in India and the rest of Asia.

IMTEX 2015 will showcase a huge assortment of innovative and technological advanced machine tools, machine components, testing equipment and CAD/CAM technologies all in the same place. This week long event is set to become one of the largest machine tool trade fairs in India ever.

With a strong focus on metal forming, stamping and pressing equipment, this event will showcase a wide range of products. Held in conjunction with the Tooltech trade event, IMTEX 2015 will exhibit both tool and equipment manufacturers as well as leading metalworking products.

The previous edition of IMTEX Forming and Tooltech 2014 catered to 440 exhibitors displaying over 500 different machine tools across an area of 30,000m2. Over 45,000 visitors from 24 countries were present across the 6-day event and it was reported that the equivalent of over US$60 million was generated from this event. Furthermore there were also 4 international pavilions showcasing the latest technologies and products from China, Germany, Czech Republic and Taiwan.

With a fast-growing and technologically driven market, India is becoming a major player in the manufacturing of high quality machine tools. For foreign buyers looking to capitalize on the excellent quality to price ratio Indian goods are known for, IMTEX 2015 will be a perfect platform to make new business contacts in this exciting market.