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InterMold Thailand

June 24-27 ,2015
Thailand / Bangkok

By focusing on the latest industry developments and innovations, InterMold is the number 1 platform to advance manufacturing success in the die and mold making industries. This edition of InterMold Thailand will be held from 24-27th June 2015, and is forecast to be larger than ever with more than 55,000 visitors expected to attend and 1,600 international exhibitors with 5 international pavilions.

In order to promote international trade in the region, InterMold Thailand organizes many business forums and seminars for industry leaders to discuss recent developments. Not only that but also many Asian industry associations are present to give expert advice on trade agreements to promote easier and more profitable business transactions.

Some of these seminars discuss topics such as:

  • Automation for SMEs
  • Smart Composites
  • Lean Assembly
  • Plastic for Medical Appliances
  • Residual Stress Analysis

Since some of the region’s leading industrialists, technology experts and largest manufacturers will be present, this event will give people attending the chance to hear firsthand about changes in the industry. Also for smaller companies looking to expand their reach and generate new customers in South East Asian markets, this event will give them a great chance.

With the wide range of technologically based firms and the high levels of innovations, InterMold 2015 will showcase a wide number of small service oriented firms that can help boost the productivity of larger manufacturers. By attending this event you will be presented with many opportunities to enhance your business and create many long-term business contacts.

    • Pushing the limits of engineering design and innovation, DMG Mori Seiki has impressed industry leaders with their simplified and uniform CELOS control system. This system has been showcased at machine tool exhibitions across the world this year and will be shown at full force at InterMold Thailand.

      With a new and improved design, the CELOS system clearly visualizes the current status of the machine and job progress. It also provides an easy to navigate interface with special icons and text messages informing the operator of any errors. With a very wide range of machinery, the CELOS system can be applied to CNC machine tools and plastic injection molding machines alike.

      As one of the most advanced manufacturers in the mold and die industry, DMG Mori Seiki will be hosting an impressive exhibit at InterMold Thailand with over 18 high-tech machines displaying live machining operations. To learn more about this global leading company be sure to check out their booth at this year’s InterMold Thailand machine tool exhibition.

    • One of Japan’s largest machine tool builders Okuma will be attending the InterMold Thailand machine tool exhibition this year. At this exhibition they are preparing to release their latest OSP-P300 control system which offers unparalleled user control. Being a very versatile program it offers users not only an easy to navigate system, but also three main programming interfaces, for setup operations, job programming and tool preparations.

      Focused on offering machine tools and plastic processing machinery extreme flexibility, Okuma’s latest systems give maximum functionality with very easy job setting. For example their OSP control makes it easy for small-batch parts programming, zero offset setting and intelligent 3D image visualization.

      Furthermore, Okuma is well-known for having some of the most impressive in-booth exhibits at all of the machine tool exhibitions they attend, and InterMold Thailand is no exception. With interactive parts display, live 5-axis auto tuning operations and Okuma’s Machining Navi on show, you can see exactly why they are one of Asia’s premier machine tool manufacturers. It is also rumored that they will have a special hand scraping display, showing live demonstrations by their professional craftsmen.

    • Mainly known for the manufacture of high precision EDM and precision milling machinery, Sodick has been steadily expanding their product offerings and promises to offer a wide range of new products at InterMold Thailand. By always visiting some of the world’s largest injection molding and machine tool exhibitions, this manufacturer has developed some of the world’s leading linear motors for use it many different kinds of machine tools. These linear motors are known for offering very smooth drive systems as well as exceptionally high dynamic responsiveness, making them ideal for machine tools.

      Moreover, recent developments have enabled them to produce some of the highest precision linear motors and encoders which are all produced in-house. One area that they have focused on is the development of ceramic linear motors and ceramic components which not only offer exceptional precision but also extended service life due to the reliability of the components and extremely small thermal replacement. At InterMold Thailand they will showcasing their range of ceramics as well as a range of their other injection molding accessories, such as NC units, motion controllers and electrical discharge power units.

    • One of the largest manufacturers in Taiwan, YCM will be attending this year’s InterMold Thailand and they are preparing to host their biggest booth ever. By always insisting on offering the highest quality products and services they will entice a wide range of manufacturers to visit their booth to be amazed by the developments of their latest 5-axis vertical machining centers.

      Once again at InterMold Thailand YCM will showcase their latest machining center and this year they will showcase the NFP 500A-5AX machining center, which recently won the award of Eminence in Taiwan. With a global sales network and very professional staff, you will surely receive the highest service and best information at their booth.

    • InterMold Thailand attracts large machine tool, plastics processing and control system manufacturers from all over the world, and at 2015’s show it is set to become even bigger. Best known for their control systems, drive motors and CNC units, this company uses some of the highest quality components in all of their machinery.

      Located in the heart of Japan’s manufacturing industry, Nippon has achieved a lot of success by collaborating with some of the world’s larger machine tool manufacturers. Furthermore with a skilled team of engineers, they continue to develop new technologies that can further the efficiency and reliability of mold and die machinery. Don’t miss their booth at this year’s InterMold Thailand, to see an even greater selection of high precision control systems.

    • AMADA has been providing machines, software and peripheral equipment for many decades and will showcase an extremely versatile selection of products at InterMold Thailand 2015. For a closer look at their metal processing machines and other machine tool processing machinery be sure to drop by their booth, for impressive machine displays.

      For many years AMADA has been travelling to a large number of global machine tool exhibitions to show manufacturers all over the quality and precision of their products. With a newly established innovation center, with large investments in product development, this company continues to develop new products such as laser machinery, sheet metal processing machinery and structural steel processing machines. You can see all of this and more at this year’s InterMold Thailand so do not miss out.

    • With an impressive array of high precision high speed machining centers and CNC lathes, Chevalier also known as Falcon Machine Tools will once again attend InterMold Taiwan. They aim to show visitors the high quality and precision of their complete series of machining centers. This includes not only machining centers and lathes, but also their latest heavy-duty grinding machines and milling machines.

      With growing exports to the Thai market as well as other South-East Asian markets, this company has consistently been developing products that meet the growing needs of the industry. In particular at InterMold Thailand they will be showing the FCL Series multi-function machining centers which can be used for manufacturing a wide range of components.

    • Having visited over 10 machine tool exhibitions this year, Darex USA will be present at this year’s largest even InterMold Thailand. They will focus their booth on exhibiting their fantastic range of automatic drill sharpeners and end mill grinders. These tools are well-known to increase the life of drilling and milling tools as well as offer more efficiency to existing machine tool workshops.

      Focused on only a few different types of products, Darex will display their most innovative drill sharpeners and grinders that will help customers increase their productivity. Working closely with other large Asian machinery manufacturers you will surely see an impressive display from this company at InterMold Thailand 2015.

    • Goodway Taiwan is one of Asia’s fastest growing producers of vertical turning centers and Swiss turning machines. With their hard work and perseverance they are keeping up with industry innovations and developing an assortment of high performance machinery. Whether you are looking for chuck turning centers or heavy duty big bore horizontal turning centers this company certainly has what you are looking for.

      A well-known exhibitor at some of the world’s largest machine tool exhibitions this company has a large booth with interactive displays showing their latest technologies. At this year’s InterMold Thailand you should prepare yourself for very innovative and technologically advanced products that incorporate efficiency-enhancing technologies.

    • The Spanish manufacturing giant IBARMIA will be at this year’s InterMold Thailand and they promise to reveal some of the latest mill turn centers and machining centers they have on offer. With some of the largest aerospace component manufacturers in Europe as their clients, this company is slowly increasing its foothold in the Asian market by attending a wide variety of machine tool exhibitions.

      Besides very high quality machinery they also excel at offering exceptional service as they can give clients customized maintenance contracts, an advanced spare part management system and key component and rental service. For more information about IBARMIA and to more learn about their products and services, stop by their booth at InterMold Thailand.