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May 20-23 ,2015
Malaysia / Kuala Lumpur

METALTECH 2015 will be the 21st edition of the ASEAN International Machine Tools & Metalworking Technology Exhibition. Hosted in one of South East Asia’s most dynamic cities Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia it promises to attract a wide range of professional machine tools manufacturers.

Besides the wide range and variety of machine tool manufacturers over 25,000 potential buyers are expected to visit this event which will create many opportunities for companies displaying their products. With exhibitors from more than 40 countries expected to attend and 4 international pavilions this event will be very internationally-minded.

Both buyers and sellers are encouraged to take this opportunity to network, listen to industry experts and learn about new technologies. With eye for the future, many companies will meet together to discuss business plans, make trade agreements and even discuss merger options. Through the well organized setting of this trade fair and the many experts on hand, developing business contacts and generating sales has never been easier.

Located in one of South East Asia’s most thriving countries, this event will bring together some of the most intelligent minds. With a strong emphasis on attracting international businesses this event has a large proportion of international visitors and exhibitors not just from within Asia but from around the world as well.

Not only will there be a number of companies present from the machine tool sector but also from the automotive industry, bio-medical products production, building and construction and a wide range of other industries. For all looking to get an insight into the fast growing industries of South East Asia, METALTECH 2015 will be a great opportunity.

    • With a growing presence in the metalforming and processing industry, DMG Mori Seiki will attend this year’s Metaltech Malaysia. With a strong focus on their high speed machining centers, they will showcase all of their most innovative machinery at this year’s show. As their staff is very skilled they are also able to answer any questions when it comes to the productivity and efficiency of their products.

      Looking ahead at Metaltech Malaysia 2015, this will be one of South-East Asia’s premier machine tool shows and DMG Mori is prepared to impress the visitors with their new and improved CELOS control system and high performance CNC machinery. By working closely with local manufacturers they are also looking for partners to further their business interests and help them to reach even more potential customers across the Asian markets.

    • Metaltech Malaysia is lucky to host some of the largest machine tool builders in the world, and this year MAZAK will make an appearance to exhibit their latest machinery and products. Some of their latest products on display will be the small footprint i-200 multitasking machine and their very innovative vertical center universal (VCU) 500C vertical machining center which features a high indexing 3-axis tilting table.

      Furthermore with a strong emphasis on reliability and cost-efficiency all of MAZAK’s products meet the needs of the machine tool industry today. One other very impressive machine which will be on display at Metaltech Malaysia will be the QTS 200 turning center which is perfect for workshops looking to make the move from manual lathes to fully automated CNC production. With numerous technology centers across Asia, they are now looking to expand their global network throughout South-East Asia to be able to offer customers all over the globe better service with all of their high performance products.

    • The Taiwan Machine Tool and Accessory Builder Association will be present at this year’s Metaltech Malaysia 2015 in order to promote the growth of Taiwan’s machine tool exports to South-East Asian countries. With the strong support from some of the largest machine tool and components manufacturers in Taiwan, this association will have a lot of available information about the latest product developments in the Taiwanese machine tool industry.

      For all of those companies looking to learn more about machine tool manufacturers in the fast-growing market in Taiwan they are strongly advised to check out the TMBA booth at Metaltech Malaysia. Besides assisting in the development of overseas markets, the TMBA is also responsible for organizing the TMTS trade show and facilitating governmental institutions in the forming of multi-lateral trade agreements.

    • Haas Automation is one the largest machine tool manufacturers and they are sure to attract large crowds at this year’s Metaltech Malaysia. Not only will they showcase their latest CNC machining centers but also their vertical turning centers. These machines are all built using the highest quality parts and components and have previously been sold to many Malaysian customers at very affordable prices.

      These vertical turning centers are specifically designed to give customers that are traditionally used to operating manual or semi-automatic lathes and to allow them to boost their productivity with CNC controlled precision. Be sure to check out Haas’ booth at this year’s Metaltech Malaysia as they are set to offer a wide variety of high performance machine tool that can be used in many different industries.

    • Hexagaon Metrology is an upcoming company specialized in the production of coordinate measuring machines and will be an exhibitor at this year’s Metaltech Malaysia. Many of their measuring machines include portable arms as well as portable laser trackers which make them very well suited for the measuring of precision components used in the automotive, aerospace and the maritime industry.

      One of the highlights at Metaltech Malaysia is expected to be their expert coordinate measuring machines which are equipped with laser scanners produced in Japan. These CMM’s offer accurate and fast-scanning and also a rapid point-cloud capture system. Hexagon has also recently established a sales office in Malaysia as it hopes to expand its business throughout South-East Asia.

    • Zeiss will showcase one of their latest multisensor machines, the O-Inspect 322 at this year’s Metaltech Malaysia. This multisensor machine features a tactile scanning probe with camera that allow for measurements to be collected and displayed using the highest image quality.

      Furthermore at previous machine tool exhibitions Zeiss has received very good reviews of the O-Inspect especially as it is a very versatile machine that can be used for a large number of applications. For customers looking for the very best multisensory and imaging systems be sure to check out Zeiss at Metaltech Malaysia as they are one of the world’s leading companies specialized in measuring machines and sensors.

    • At previous machine tool exhibitions and at this upcoming Metaltech Malaysia, Hurco is planning to display the world’s smallest 5-axis machining center, the VM10. This machine is specialized for the production of medical components and small aerospace components.

      Through continued product development, Hurco is now able to offer a wide range of optional features with this machine, making it highly suitable for the rapid machining of small complex components. It can also be used in the manufacture of multi-faced molds and dies as well as other machining components. If you would like to learn more about the VM10 from Hurco or their other impressive machining centers. Be sure to stop by their booth at Metaltech Malaysia 2015.

    • Based in Taiwan Acrow Tools has been a global leader in the development of Tooling Systems, chucks and other related machining center accessories and this year will be a key exhibitor at Metaltech Malaysia. Known for the precision and dedication of their workforce, they have quickly grown into one of Asia’s foremost suppliers of cutting tools, chucks, tool holders and ultrasonic systems.

      All of their components are ISO-9001 certified and they also place the precision and reliability of their products at the forefront of their manufacturing procedures. Already a very popular manufacturer in the Chinese and Taiwanese markets, they are now looking for partners and other manufacturers to collaborate with in order to expand their sales across South-East Asia. For more information of Acrow Tools Taiwan be sure to drop by their booth at Metaltech Malaysia 2015.

    • AICHELIN is one of Europe’s largest manufacturing companies specialized in industrial services and other heat treatment systems and this year they will once again attend Metaltech Malaysia. After having attended EuroBlech and other large European machine tool trade shows, they are now looking to expand their sales network across parts of Asia, to be able to offer their Asian customers with faster and better service.

      Metaltech Malaysia is known for attracting some of the largest machine tool producers but now they are also branching out to include parts and components manufacturers as well as casting and heat treatment systems manufacturers such as AICHELIN. If you are looking for a high-quality and affordable industrial furnace, be sure to drop by AICHELIN’s booth at Metaltech Malaysia 2015.

    • With a large global presence, Dynacast is aiming to further its reach by attending this year’s Metaltech Malaysia, which is set to become larger than ever. Primarily focused on the production of metal injection molding systems and specialty die castings, they will unveil a selection of their latest zinc and magnesium die casting production possibilities at this show.

      With more than 80 years of manufacturing experience, you will surely witness why Dynacast is well-known within the industry for the highest precision metal components. Come see all this for yourself and much more at their booth at Metaltech Malaysia, where they will show how their manufacturing processes are so much better than the competition.