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Tekno Arabia

January 10-13 2015
United Arab /Dubai

Hosted at the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Center, Dubai, UAE from 10-13th January 2015, TEKNO ARABIA is one of the Middle East’s fastest growing industrial machinery trade shows. Strategically located in the finance and trade centre of the Middle East, this edition will surely be one to remember. With a wide number of large international partners and manufacturers present, this trade show will bring together some big names in the industry.

With more than 40% of the attendees expected to be from foreign countries, this event has a very international feel. This show will incorporate the Metal Middle East, Tube Arabia and Arabia Essen Welding & Cutting trade fairs so a large range of different industries will be present. This broad spectrum trade event will give a detailed insight into manufacturing developments particularly in the Middle East, so attending will be a great opportunity for gaining expert insights into recent industry trends.

Big infrastructure plans in the Middle East are currently boosting the steel and metalworking sectors, and with increasing investments in the region, the gulf is an ideal platform for many manufacturing companies. Through tireless innovation and hard work have Middle Eastern countries rapidly increased their market share of machine tool and manufacturing supplies. With support from local governments it has become more and more straight forward to conduct business in these countries and this has fuelled the growth of international trade.

Furthermore with an ever increasing demand for steel and other metalworking components, Middle Eastern countries have been trading more than ever before. With the growing wealth comes opportunity so for new businesses looking to expand their business in Middle Eastern markets this trade show is the perfect platform to do so.