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IMTEX / Forming

January 21-26 ,2016
India / Bangalore

India Machine Tool Manufacturers’ Association will again organize the IMTEX Forming Trade Show in conjunction with Tooltech 2016. The International Forming Technology Exhibition (IMTEX) will be held at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC) from the 21-26 January 2016.

This trade event brings together the leading Indian and Asian metal forming and machine tool manufacturers all under one roof. The exhibition will have more than 25 trade and industry delegations representing various industries and public sector undertaking from countries throughout Asia.

The fantastic range of products on display includes:

  • Wide selection of machine tools
  • Tooling systems
  • Machine tool accessories
  • CAD/CAM systems
  • Metrology equipment

With a new national manufacturing policy in India seeking to increase the manufacturing industry and foreign investments, India is becoming more and more attractive to do business with. This is why in recent years this trade show has increased its visitor turnout by over 20% and IMTEX 2016 should be no exception.

This event is held in conjunction with Tooltech 2016 which will be the 18th International Exhibition of Cutting Tools and related accessories. This event is specialized in showcasing the newest trends and technologies when it comes to cutting tools and expert tooling systems. So if you want to learn more about the Indian machine tool and cutting tool industry, or enlarge your market presence in the fast-growing Indian market, be sure not to miss this fantastic trade show.